Enteractive offers reactivation boost for Unibet

Player retention solutions provider Enteractive has agreed a deal with Kindred Group which the operator hopes will significantly improve the reactivation of churned players through its Unibet brand.

The Enteractive solution helps turn churned players into active users through one-to-one phone calls, where trained agents interview individuals to understand exactly what they want from their gaming experience.

Enteractive’s (Re)activation solution also improves operators’ ability to act socially responsible with one-on-one calls also valuable in alerting operators to potentially vulnerable players.

Michail Koutsoukos, head of customer communication at Kindred Group, said: “We’ve been hugely impressed with the initial success of Enteractive’s reactivation service and had no hesitation in entering a long-term partnership with them.

“Making churned players active again is having a really positive impact on our business, especially with acquisition costs continuing to rise.

“As well as reactivating lost players, we’ve also found the service to be highly effective in identifying problem gamblers and helping us maintain the highest responsible gaming standards as possible.”

Enteractive CEO Mikael Hansson added: “Operators are now discovering the true value in how reactivating churned players can benefit their business.

“Through our unique service, we’re providing companies with the perfect opportunity to access these lost players in a responsible way, offering them a tailored gaming experience based on their preferences.

“Working alongside Kindred Group and their flagship brand Unibet is a major milestone for us, and we’re excited to provide them even greater results over the coming months.”

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