Alexa Bliss Dating History: A Journey By Way Of The Love Life Of WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss

Have you ever questioned in regards to the courting life of your favorite WWE celebrity Alexa Bliss? Well, you’re in luck! Today, we’re going to take a deep dive into Alexa Bliss’s courting historical past, uncovering the romantic relationships that have formed her life each inside and outdoors the wrestling ring. From her early days in NXT to her rise to stardom on the primary roster, let’s discover the love life of this captivating and talented wrestler.

The Early Years: Love in NXT

Before we delve into Alexa Bliss’s dating history as a WWE superstar, it is essential to grasp her journey from NXT to the primary roster.

Born on August 9, 1991, as Alexis Kaufman, Alexa Bliss initially pursued a career in aggressive cheerleading and bodybuilding before discovering her true calling in professional wrestling. She joined WWE’s developmental territory NXT in 2013 and shortly made a name for herself as a charismatic and agile performer.

During her time in NXT, Alexa Bliss was not public about her courting life, keeping her personal relationships away from the public eye. It is speculated that she targeted primarily on her profession throughout this period, constructing a strong foundation for her future success.

Ryan Cabrera: The Entrance into the Spotlight

Alexa Bliss’s rise to fame on the main roster opened doors to higher exposure, not just within the ring but additionally on the earth of entertainment. In 2020, rumors began swirling about a potential romantic relationship between Alexa Bliss and musician Ryan Cabrera.

Ryan Cabrera, recognized for his hit song "On the Way Down," was a familiar face in the entertainment business. The couple made their relationship public on social media, sharing cute photos and heartfelt captions that melted the hearts of their followers.

Throughout their relationship, Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera were extremely supportive of one another’s careers, with Alexa typically attending Ryan’s concerts and Ryan displaying as a lot as cheer Alexa on at WWE occasions.

Sadly, after a 12 months of relationship, Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera announced their split in September 2021. The news came as a shock to their fans, who had been enthralled by the couple’s genuine connection and affection for each other.

A New Beginning: Exploring New Avenues

After her breakup with Ryan Cabrera, Alexa Bliss took a while to give attention to herself and explore new passions exterior the wrestling ring. She shared glimpses of her life by way of social media, together with her love for pets, fitness routines, and her continued dedication to her career in WWE.

While her courting life has remained private since her break asexual dating app up from Ryan Cabrera, Alexa Bliss’s journey as a strong, independent woman has continued to inspire her followers. She has shown unimaginable resilience and dedication to succeed each as an athlete and as an individual, proving that there is a lot more to her than just her romantic relationships.


As we come to the top of our exploration into Alexa Bliss’s dating historical past, it is clear that she is a woman of strength, ardour, and resilience. From her early days in NXT to her blossoming profession on the principle roster, Alexa Bliss has captured the hearts of followers worldwide.

While her romantic relationships have offered glimpses into her personal life, Alexa Bliss’s give consideration to her profession and private development stays constant. As she continues to evolve as a performer and as a person, we can’t wait to see what the long run holds for this talented and charismatic WWE famous person.

So, whether it’s within the wrestling ring or in issues of the center, Alexa Bliss continues to encourage us all along with her unbelievable journey.


  1. Who is Alexa Bliss at present dating?

    • Alexa Bliss is currently dating skilled wrestler Ryan Cabrera. They went public with their relationship in February 2020.
  2. Has Alexa Bliss ever dated a fellow WWE Superstar?

    • Yes, Alexa Bliss has previously dated a fellow WWE Superstar. She was in a relationship with fellow wrestler Buddy Murphy. The couple began dating in 2015 and received engaged in 2016 earlier than ultimately ending their relationship in 2018.
  3. Is Alexa Bliss married?

    • No, Alexa Bliss isn’t married. While she has been in critical relationships prior to now, she is currently engaged to her boyfriend, Ryan Cabrera.
  4. Did Alexa Bliss ever date Braun Strowman?

    • No, Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman did not date. While they’d an on-screen romantic storyline during their time in WWE, their relationship was strictly professional and they didn’t pursue a romantic involvement off-screen.
  5. Who else has Alexa Bliss been romantically linked to?

    • Besides Buddy Murphy and Ryan Cabrera, Alexa Bliss has not been publicly linked to any other outstanding people. She prefers to keep her personal life private and has not confirmed another relationships.
  6. How long have Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera been dating?

    • Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera confirmed their relationship in February 2020, making it over a 12 months since they’ve been collectively as of now.
  7. Have Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera introduced any marriage ceremony plans?

    • As of now, Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera haven’t introduced any marriage ceremony plans. They are currently engaged and enjoying their relationship, but have not made any public statements regarding their future marriage ceremony.

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