How to Go About Preparing For Your Board Meeting

The preparation of your board meeting, regardless of whether you’re the chairperson, CEO or executive director is essential to ensure that it is running smoothly. While it may be counterintuitive, if you devote the same amount of time to preparing for an upcoming board meeting as you will be spending at it an organized agenda and comprehensive book for the board can save more time in the longer run by helping reduce unnecessary conversations.

It is also easier for board members who are newer or younger to understand the discussion and how their contribution to the success of the business is impacted by board meeting items. This can be especially beneficial for younger or newer board members who might be more troubled dealing with complex discussions than their older counterparts.

It’s also an excellent idea for each item during the board meeting to be given an approximate time limit. This will help keep the meeting on track and stop board members from being clock out before the meeting is over.

The day before the meeting, ensure that the meeting space is prepared and that all necessary catering arrangements are in place. Also, ensure that any directors who haven’t yet submitted their reports have a deadline and official site a method for doing so.

Lastly, prepare any packets of information to be distributed to board members prior meeting and review any additional rules for meetings. It is best to distribute these packets 48 hours before the meeting so that board members can participate in informed discussions at the meeting.

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